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Watton Casting Works

 Watton Casting Works is an aluminum alloy casting facility, that was started to fill our own pattern equipment needs, which involves high quality, custom castings at single to low quantities. Air set sand fills that need by hardening with the use of a two to three part epoxy type material, causing the sand to harden and maintain very sharp detail without the need of hard packing, vibration or pressure on the pattern equipment. Our air set process has allowed us to pour very large and heavy castings that many or most casting facilities cannot handle.

 We then evolved into permanent and semi-permanent mold castings, for high quality castings at the higher quantities. 

 Our focus is world class customer service and environmental sustainability. All of our metal is certified and purchased from a local US smelter using all recycled metals. All of our sand is 100% internally recycled or reclaimed through vibratory and thermo-reclaiming. Our thermo-reclaimer burns hot enough to incinerate the sand clean with little or no exhaust discharge. Our sand molding process uses 100% thermally reclaimed sand, resulting in a superior mold and casting. 

 We currently supply pattern equipment, castings and machining in any combination, nationally and internationally to OEM and other companies. The products and industries supplied at this time are, medical, food, packaging, mining, compressor, logging, excavating, lighting, automotive, civil war cannons, seating, ornamental, fabrication, plastics, foam and paper industries, including machine builders.

 With patterns, castings, machining and some fabrication under one roof, we can design and build complete molds for the rotational, blow, foam, vacuum, thermo form industries. 

 We offer complete one stop service for all your pattern,casting and machining needs.