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Watton Bench Works has created the  Evolution Series, an improved bench design that focuses on classic good  looks, modular design, durability and low maintenance for optimal  outdoor and even indoor use. The Evolution Series standard benches are  light enough to be carried from place to place by two people, yet heavy,  strong and sturdy enough to stand firm. Watton Bench Works implements  the most reliable and sturdiest material to make a bench that will last a  lifetime. 

The Evolution Series benches  are made from 100% aluminum and recycled HDPE (milk cartons) lumber.  Watton Bench Works uses made in the USA materials, along with 100%  manufacturing and assembly in the USA.

The Evolution Series benches are  designed with absolute comfort as a priority. With a sturdy, slightly  angled back rest, they provide a comfortable sitting experience.  Our benches also have an excellent assembly design making it easier for  owner customization and maintenance.  

Watton benches give you the option  to customize your bench size, color, design and style to meet your  desired needs. Watton Bench Works also does in-house pattern work to  customize your arm rests and back rest. 

The Evolution Series requires  virtually no maintenance, but is designed and constructed with  maintenance in mind. All hardware and threads are stainless steel,  except for steel structural tubing. The steel tubing has venting to  allow for air flow through the inside to greatly reduce, or eliminate  sweating (condensation) which will reduce internal rusting. The seating  material can be real wood, or high density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber,  which can easily be removed for maintenance by removing the crown (top)  with 3 stainless steel security bolts. The only maintenance that is  needed on an Evolution Series Park Bench is a little soap and water for  cleaning. 

Evolution Series Benches