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Watton Pattern Works, Inc.

 Watton Pattern Works opened for business in 1975, to produce industrial pattern equipment. We rapidly evolved into a fully equipped pattern shop, with knowledgeable journeyman patternmakers, and have continued to gain experience in the casting and pattern process, including complex pattern equipment. We help our customers and their engineers with casting and pattern design throughout the design cycle. Today, we produce patterns in a number of different materials to accommodate nearly all needs. Our most commonly used materials are aluminum, iron, urethane boards, poured urethane, mahogany, pine and pattern grade plywood. Our patternmakers can CAD model in solid or surface modeling, CAM program cutter paths and CNC cut almost any industrial pattern equipment. We still offer conventional bench built pattern equipment, including rework and repairs. We also offer fully cut cast aluminum match plates with chainlock of any configuration, blank or with cast on and fully cut patterns.